water-blue-ripple-dropsApometry is an extremely comprehensive work, done by decoupling the bodies to be treated separately and specifically, in the dimensions they inhabit.

We are multidimensional beings and suffer the actions of our emotional behavior in all the dimensions in which we exist. We must also remember that we have a past, a present and a future, and in the course of our incarnations, besides learning and rescuing, we also have debts, promises, contracts, we are victims of witchcraft, curses, anyway, situations that we carry from a life to another, that may interfere in our present.

Apometry is a blessing with which we can work all these issues with the hierarchies of light, which are extremely interested in rescuing the sons and daughters of God Father/ Mother and the Earth as a whole, through love, promoting the healing of issues linked to our present, past and future attitudes.

Treatments like:
– Removal of implants, chip, distorted elementals, thought-forms and other devices not compatible with the Divine we are;
– Reconnection with the Higher Self;
– Alignment with the Divine Purpose;
– Cleaning and deprogramming cellular negative memory;
– Reconnection with “Earth’s Christic Mesh”;
– Alignment and harmonization of multidimentional bodies;
– Cleaning, clearing, activation and expansion of the chakras and their cords;
– Deep Disobsession;
– Treatment for Arquepadia (witchcraft originated in the past);
– Psychic Diagnostics (Teleminese);
– Restoration of damaged bodies (etheric, emotional, spiritual) through dialimetry;
– Reconnection with the Divine flow in health, prosperity, abundance;
– Healing on all levels of body and soul;
– Dissolution of all forms of limitation;
– Release from karmic ties, black magic (antigoetia), curses, vows, contracts;
– Energetic cleaning of environments.

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Take care of yourself. You deserve the best!

Best wishes, Denise Mercer.




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